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To facilitate successful development and construction activities in the vicinity of provincial highways, MTO encourages pre-consultation and continued engagement throughout the review process.

Under the Planning Act, MTO reviews municipal and development plans within MTO Controlled Areas for impacts to the highway system and provides comments to the applicable planning authority.

Under the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, an MTO Permit may be required if you are planning to construct on or adjacent to a provincial highway. Permit types include Building and Land Use, Entrance, Sign, and Encroachment.

For proposed land development, construction or other activities within MTO Controlled Areas, the review process is managed by the Highway Corridor Management Office, including MTO Permit issuance and administration.
Important Announcement
2020-10-02: Thank you for visiting MTO Highway Corridor Management – Online Services. Our staff are currently working remotely to stop the spread of COVID-19. MTO is continuing to process permit applications and is making every effort to maintain service levels during this period. To expedite processes, please take advantage of our online inquiry, application and payment options. Thank you for your patience as we respond to your inquiries and applications.

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