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Under the authority of the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, the Ministry of Transportation regulates the permit controlled area for buildings, structures, roads, entrances and the placement of signs.

You can determine if you are in the controlled area by entering the location and type of proposed activity.

If you need more accurate information with regards to Permit Control, contact us.


This mapping tool is intended as a supplementary guide only and should not be relied on as a precise indicator of Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Permit Control Areas, routes or locations, nor as a guide to navigation. Where there is a discrepancy between the results of this mapping tool and the MTO Permit Control Areas, the latter shall take precedence. The MTO shall not be liable in any way for the use of, or reliance upon, this mapping tool or any resulting data/information.


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If you cannot find the location or have difficulty using the map you can contact us to speak with a Corridor Management Officer directly.

Should you require official documentation from MTO, please proceed to the Permit Application Wizard for a "MTO No Permit Required" confirmation